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Hypatia of Alexandria: or, a primer on platonic love

Plato, as we know, told tales of an abstract realm beyond the senses, a realm beyond the dim and dark cave we call “the world.” It was a realm of forms, first glimpsed through the discipline of mathematics, and more … Continue reading

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Wonderful photo of Prague

(Thanks to tumblr)

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Oh, look, there’s my navel

I spent yesterday and some of today trolling through old Huenemanniac blogposts, sorting them into new categories and wondering whether there may be a way to assemble them into a vanity-bound collection of musings – perhaps “The Huenemanniad.” The most … Continue reading

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Sabre Dance Boogie

By Freddy Martin and his orchestra.

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Aphorism #3

“One day it will be as if you’ve never been.” Wrap your head around that, Jack, and you’re well along the road to wisdom.

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More Saramago

Some time ago I had occasion to celebrate Jose Saramago’s novel, The Cave. I just came across an interesting interview with Saramago, where I learned he wrote a novel entitled The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis. Reis is … Continue reading

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Theoretical constraint

“[That the universe is spatiotemporal in its fundamental nature] is in doubt in present-day physics and cosmology…. Note that if temporality goes, i.e. not just spacetime but temporality in any form, then experience also goes, given that experience requires time. … Continue reading

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